Cyrix M-II 300

by Anand Lal Shimpi on May 26, 1998 3:08 PM EST
The Super7 Test System Configuration was as follows:

  • AMD K6-2 333, Cyrix M-II 300, Intel Pentium MMX 233

  • FIC VA-503+ Motherboard

  • 64MB PC100 SDRAM

  • Western Digital Caviar AC35100 - UltraATA

  • Matrox Millennium II AGP Video Card (4MB)

  • Diamond Monster 3D-2 Voodoo2 Graphics Accelerator (12MB)

The Pentium II comparison system differed only in terms of the processor and motherboard in which case the following components were used:

  • Pentium II clocked at 300MHz (66MHz FSB), 333MHz (66MHz FSB), 400MHz (100MHz FSB)

  • ABIT BX6 Pentium II BX Motherboard

The following drivers were common to both test systems:

  • MGA Millennium II Drivers v4.07.00.700

  • DirectX 6 SDK

All tests were run at 800 x 600 x 16-bit color

Business Application Performance

Ziff Davis Winstone 98

Cyrix M-II 300 - 66 x 3.5 20.8
AMD K6-2 300 - 100 x 3.0 23.0
AMD K6-2 333 - 95 x 3.5 23.1
AMD K6-2 336 - 112 x 3.0 24.3
Intel Pentium MMX 233 - 66MHz x 3.5 17.4
Intel Pentium II 300 - 66 x 4.5 21.6
Intel Pentium II 333 - 66 x 5.0 22.0
Intel Pentium II 400 - 100 x 4.0 25.6

Solid business application performance, what more can you expect from a processor whose sole existence relies on strong performance under business applications?

Video Playback Performance

Ziff Davis Winbench 98


Cyrix M-II 300

Video/Action, Cinepak, 640x480, 30fps, 900KB/S

Visual Quality (Frames Dropped - Lower is Better)


CPU Utilization (Percent - Lower is Better)


Max Frame Rate (Higher is Better)


Video/Action, Indeo 4.1, 640x480, 30fps, 900KB/S

Visual Quality (Frames Dropped - Lower is Better)


CPU Utilization (Percent - Lower is Better)


Max Frame Rate (Higher is Better)


Video/Action, MPEG-1, 352x240, 30fps, 300KB/S

Visual Quality (Frames Dropped - Lower is Better)


CPU Utilization (Percent - Lower is Better)


Max Frame Rate (Higher is Better)


Horrible video playback scores, don't expect the M-II to be great for a DVD system, you would be better off buying an external player for your TV than running a Software Decoder off of an M-II.  The Cinepak, Indeo, and MPEG-1 playback numbers are terrible for a 6th generation processor.   While many will argue that the M-II was only running at 233MHz, you must remember that Cyrix is selling the processor as an M-II 300 and as you can clearly see the performance of the M-II isn't at the level of a 300MHz processor as far as video playback is concerned. 

3D Gaming Performance - Frame Rates - Voodoo2

--- Quake 2


Demo 1 TMark
Cyrix M-II 300 - 640 x 480 26.3 47.7
Cyrix M-II 300 - 800 x 600 26.1 48.8

Are Quake 2 and Turok playable on the M-II 300?  Sure, provided you are willing to spend an additional $220 on a Voodoo2 accelerator to achieve that playability.  This is more proof to the fact that the M-II is not an entertainment processor, games don't mix with Cyrix...not yet at least.   For surfing the net and typing up documents, the M-II is a $95 wonder, for fragging in Quake, it is a wonder that you're considering this $95 processor.

Overclocking & Weaknesses Conclusion
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