In our recent review of OCZ VX memory, we compared OCZ VX tested on the DFI nF4 SLI-DR to our past results of memory tests on the MSI nForce3 Ultra testbed. We were comfortable in our results based on past reviews that showed performance of the nForce3 and nForce4 to be essentially the same as well as AGP and PCI Express performance being essentially the same in the benchmarks that we use for memory testing. However, we did find after the review that there are performance improvements in the move from nVidia 61.77 drivers to the 71.80/71.84 drivers used in the DFI benchmarks.

Subsequent testing also revealed the memory overclocking capabilities of the DFI to be slightly better than the MSI K8N Neo2, so the fairest way of comparing the new OCZ VX PC4000 was to rerun memory tests of some of the top categories of DDR memory for the Athlon 64 platform. We benchmarked OCZ PC4000 VX, Crucial Ballistix PC3200, Corsair TwinX1024-4400C25, and OCZ PC3200 Platinum Rev.2.

All 4 memories were retested on the DFI LANParty nF4 SLI-DR using the same components and driver versions. This should clearly show the comparative performance of these four top memories on the nForce4 platform.

The Memories
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  • Wesley Fink - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    #9 - We reran everything in this review and took nothing for granted. Both results are the result of memtest86 on different BIOS, and a different pair of Platinum Rev. 3. I would guess the later BIOS is the difference. You can easily run the test yourself to check for best bandwidth, but 6 is the recomendation with this setup.

    #12 & #13 - You forgot that MSI won our nF3 Gold award and was our nF3 board of choice. The MSI also shared as the nF4 winner. With so many brands being pimped, it's hard to keep up :) We like the best performance - regardless of brand.
  • xsilver - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    "anandtech is the biggest dfi propaganda site on the web"

    I noticed that too.... but is it possibly due to the fact that their nf4 board is so much better than everybody else's??

    just like this memory is suprisingly better than the competition

    I guess what they are saying may be you are crazy to buy anything else for the same price.... however not everybody can affor a dfi nf4, 6800ultra sli + 1gb ocz vx memory
  • arswihart - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    i should say, before they were the biggest asus propaganda site, but tons of early problems with the sli have quieted them lately
  • arswihart - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    anandtech is the biggest dfi propaganda site on the web, where's the attention to all the other nf4 boards?
  • bigtoe36 - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    #6 there is always value VX if you don't want the warranty to 250fsb etc, you pays your money you take your choice.
  • PhoenixOrion - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    what kind of cooling on the cpu for the test config?
  • Viper4185 - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    Nice follow up article but there has to be a mistake somewhere on this page...

    First you say this...

    "In the SLI roundup, we found a tRAS of 7 to be ideal for memory based on Samsung TCCD chips."


    Therefore, a tRAS setting of 6 was used for testing wherever possible.

    I refer you to this article...

    It says 7 here??? So which is best 6 or 7?
  • Lonyo - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    It would be nice to see some overall overclocking performances, using the FX-55 to see what the highest overclock you can gain is (obviously concentrating on the top memories).

    ie: If the VX was using with an overclocked FX55, how would it compare at max speed other RAM and the same CPU?
  • Zebo - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    Getting late I stutterd while typing.
  • Zebo - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    Waste money on a hyped brand name? Or save $100 or Save $100 with "Twinmos speed premium"... Your choice and google is your friend:)

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