In our recent review of OCZ VX memory, we compared OCZ VX tested on the DFI nF4 SLI-DR to our past results of memory tests on the MSI nForce3 Ultra testbed. We were comfortable in our results based on past reviews that showed performance of the nForce3 and nForce4 to be essentially the same as well as AGP and PCI Express performance being essentially the same in the benchmarks that we use for memory testing. However, we did find after the review that there are performance improvements in the move from nVidia 61.77 drivers to the 71.80/71.84 drivers used in the DFI benchmarks.

Subsequent testing also revealed the memory overclocking capabilities of the DFI to be slightly better than the MSI K8N Neo2, so the fairest way of comparing the new OCZ VX PC4000 was to rerun memory tests of some of the top categories of DDR memory for the Athlon 64 platform. We benchmarked OCZ PC4000 VX, Crucial Ballistix PC3200, Corsair TwinX1024-4400C25, and OCZ PC3200 Platinum Rev.2.

All 4 memories were retested on the DFI LANParty nF4 SLI-DR using the same components and driver versions. This should clearly show the comparative performance of these four top memories on the nForce4 platform.

The Memories
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  • AnnihilatorX - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    This memory rocks. Can someone please do me a favour of buying this memory for me from newegg, ship it to me (UK/HK) and I'll pay him cost + postage + a bit extra via paypal. Thanks very much. It's a bit annoying since you cannot buy this ram from HK. No suppliers.

    Just e-mail me at
    Thanks again
  • ozzimark - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    *notes that it's 245mhz at 2.5-2-2-10
  • ozzimark - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    my ballistix can go to 245mhz with 2.7v before my memory controller starts hating me and having some serious stability issues. though they seem to scale nicely with voltage, i can't really test it out, because even at 3-4-4-10 with 2T, i can't get over 250mhz.
  • n yusef - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    AnandTech should do a review of the TwinMOS UTT chips that cost $150 less than the VX. I bought VX before I heard about the TwinMOS stuff, but my friend is doing 2-2-2-6 at 255MHz with 3.4 volts at 1:1. My VX can do 260MHz, but I would give 5MHz RAM/FSB bandwidth and 50MHz core for $150 any day.
  • JoKeRr - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    one more thing, I've heard from many ppl that they're running their BH5 sticks (2x512) to 250 2-2-2-5 with like 3.1 to 3.2V, if u still do have some old BH5, would it be possible to lay a show down between bh5 and VX?? I think I saw a guy on xtremeresouce /or maybe system doing ddr293 with 4V with mushkin BH5 at 2-2-2-5 timing, that's crazy.
  • JoKeRr - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    How does the Ballistix react to voltage?? I've heard that Tccd doesn't react very well, but the old EB stuff could do 2.5-2-2-5 at ddr500 once u give it 3.1V. Could you plz try that and see how the Ballistix scale with voltage plz?? thankQ in advance.
  • JoKeRr - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

  • Rapsven - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link


    If you are trying to get 2 gigabytes to do those speeds in tandem with the CPU, you'll have problems. Try using the regular 2*512 instead of 4*512 and see you can hit 250 fsb at 2-2-2.

    Or ask the OCZ guys, they're very helpful.
  • ozzimark - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    hmm, my bad, the [img] tags don't work here. just copy and paste that link :)

    and since it seems that some posts have been deleted, my above comment is in response to #13
  • ozzimark - Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - link

    that's quite interesting. maybe the spd's on the ram sticks are changing important values other than the cas, trcd, trp? i know that there are a lot of values that effect ram performance other than those three. i actually went through most of them on the dfi board, and found that lower isn't always better, similar to tras. though with that you said, i may have to go through and re-tweak my setup with the write benchmark in mind too. i never really gave it much thought assuming that it would scale similarily to read bandwidth.

    also, i noticed some inconsistancies at various multipliers. i tested at two speeds, 230mhz (near the limit of my memory controller) at 2.5-2-2-10, and 200mhz at 2-2-2-10. (i use 2x512mb of crucial ballistix)
    the only thing changed between runs is the cpu mutliplier. the ram is 1:1, and everything else remains constant.


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