DivX 5.1 Encoding

For this test, the Sempron 2800+ leads the Athlon XP 2500+, but isn't near the 2600+ in performance. It seems in this benchmark the 83MHz makes a difference. We do need to upgrade this benchmark to DivX 5.1.1 in order to enable SSE3 on the Celeron D processors, but we didn't have time for this tight launch to rerun benchmarks on all of these CPUs.

Sempron 2800+ is competitive with Celeron 330 this time around. This is one of the few benchmarks that the Sempron looses to the Celeron 335.

The difference between the Sempron 3100+ and the Athlon 64 2800+ is negligible.

DivX 5.1 Encoding

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  • Pumpkinierre - Wednesday, July 28, 2004 - link

    Good to see the loss of cache having little effect. From 1Mb to 256K of L2 there would be barely 5% loss in overall performance even in cache biased demos and benchmarks and probably less in real gaming. 256K of L2 is right on the money, all that is needed is the S939 flavor with the dualmemory channel and a lasting socket. The a64 will show its true colours in data streaming activities once software is written or compiled for it rather than P4 biased software. cant wait to see the overclock.

  • Zebo - Wednesday, July 28, 2004 - link

    Looks like there's going to hardly a difference between a Celeron 335 and Sempron 2800+.
    Comparing the top celeron to middle of the road athlon on a old socket A? Comparing a more expensive celeron to a less expensive sempron...

    Hardly equitable. Look at the benches comaring competing processors. The 3100+ scores a, to use your words, 'WE PWNED INT3L OMG!!!' victory of 20+ % almost accross the board.;)
  • ncage - Wednesday, July 28, 2004 - link

    the overall value comes in upgradability. You can buy a socket 754 mb + sempron processor and be able to upgrade to an amd 64 chipset without upgrading your mb. So i think its awesome
  • bearxor - Wednesday, July 28, 2004 - link

    I don't know...

    Looks like there's going to hardly a difference between a Celeron 335 and Sempron 2800+.

    I don't think anyone could sit in front of either of these processors and tell a real-world difference.

    While this looks like a victory for AMD, I think its really slim victory and not much of a 'WE PWNED INT3L OMG!!!' victory.

    No doubt the overall cost of the Intel system will be higher, but will it matter for OEM's like Gateway/Compaq, etc?

    I imagine we'll see systems using both from most manufacturers but the only downfall I see here is that regardless of which system you choose, you're already outdated with a very minimal upgrade path.
  • Zebo - Wednesday, July 28, 2004 - link


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