OCZ had been strangely absent from the last round of our memory reviews. They did not have a product that was really quite the same as the excellent “Universal” Corsair 4000 PRO or Mushkin 4000 High Performance. That did not, however, mean they were not working on products in the same category. We heard OCZ would release a DDR533 “Universal” memory, and today, OCZ announces that new product — OCZ 4200EL.

We had seen a late Beta sample of the new 4200EL, and AnandTech was told these were identical to the release version. A few days ago, the release DIMMs and information showed up announcing that they would be released on October 14th. We also had a chance to compare them to late beta samples, and we did, in fact, find the performance virtually identical. This means that you should find performance of your Retail chips almost the same as we found in our retail samples.

PC4200 means an official rating of DDR533 and the rated timings are 2.5-4-4-7 at 2.7V. Like other recent high-end OCZ memory, the DIMMs are warranted up to 3.0V for overclocking. OCZ also tells us that this new memory will run at CAS2 at DDR400, which would make the OCZ the 3rdand fastest “Universal” memory.

Our testing confirms that OCZ 4200EL is another Universal High-Speed DIMM like the Mushkin 4000 High Performance and Corsair XMS4000PRO we recently tested. What we mean by Universal High-Speed is that the memory is very competitive at DDR500, but that it also performs at DDR400 with aggressive CAS2 timings. Early DDR500 does well at the high end, but at DDR400, you are often stuck with CAS2.5 or CAS3 timings, which perform poorly compared to the fast DDR400 modules.

What's more, the OCZ 4200EL is the Highest Speed Rated DIMMs that we have tested at AnandTech, and easily surpasses the performance of the best performing memory tested so far.

This is the first DIMM pair that we have received from OCZ in their new packaging. The new package is certainly easier to identify than the generic DIMM boxes that OCZ has used in the past. It also looks almost the same as Corsair's new packaging.

You can see that OCZ uses the Copper Heat-Spreader on 4200EL. We did remove the Heat-Spreader to find the chips are labeled OCZ. They are apparently blanks that are purchased by OCZ and labeled as OCZ chips. Performance behavior makes us believe they are a variant of Hynix Rev. B chips, except they clock higher than we have yet seen with Hynix Rev. B memory chips. It also appears that OCZ may be using a new PCB with this memory, since it is a bit different from PCB's recently seen on OCZ DIMMs.

OCZ also includes a Case Badge for those who want to advertise that they are using top OCZ memory in their computer.

OCZ 4200EL Specifications

 OCZ 4200EL Memory Specifications
Number of DIMMs & Banks 2 DS
Total Memory
512 Mb
1 GB
Rated Timings 2.5-4-4-7 at DDR533
Rated Voltage 2.7V
Maximum Voltage 3.0V

OCZ tests performance of OCZ 4200EL on Asus and Abit Intel 865/875 motherboards. While compatibility tests are run on other motherboards, these popular boards are used for Production Line testing. OCZ states that Memory is tested at DDR400, 433, 466, 500 and 533.

Performance Test Configuration
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  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    awesome review wes...thanks for the good work...i was less then an hour away from ordering the corsair xms4000pro and you changed my mind to ocz (i have ocz el 3200 now).....
  • Wesley Fink - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    #13 -
    OCZ says it will be available beginning 10/14, which is today's date.
  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    I might have missed something, but when will it be available? Screw all the crap said above. I want to try some out, thats what it is all about.
  • Wesley Fink - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    #11 - This memory performed at 2-3-3-5 at DDR400 as shown in the review. If you choose not to buy anything but official Jedec DDR400 memory then that is your business, but I would appreciate it if you read enough of the article to get your facts correct.

    #4 and #7 - We can also show you that in REAL APPLICATIONS in Content Creation that the Intel integrated Graphics are just as fast as a 9800 PRO XT. To state from those REAL APPLICATION tests that the 9800 PRO XT is just as fast as Intel on-chip graphics would be a lie - just as your supposition is only a portion of the true picture. Memory is only one part of the performance puzzle, but it does make a difference. It is not serving our readers to overhype it's importance, but it is also not serving readers to pretend it makes no difference at all. You are correct that it makes no difference at all if you only run Microsoft Word and surf the web with dial-up.

  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    I agree above. How can this be better then using DDR 400 with timings a hell of a lot better? Cas 2.5 with a 4-4-7 timing? That's sad. I rather be at 400 with a Cas 2 with 2-2-5 any day....
  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    Got to love OCZ ripping off quotes from other companies. "Powered By" ? Oh please................ Once again stealing quotes from other companies seems to be in their deck of cards. What a shame. Plus guys there really isn't such thing as DDR533. It's just overclocked memory! You're a fool if you buy this stuff.
  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    Thanks for the awesome review Wes.

  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    You crackface, there ARE performance benefits, that's the point. These modules are for extreme users, not some dope on a budget that can't afford an extra $100. No idiot in their right mind should go for DDR533 if they can't spare $100 for a system. Come on now...
  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    #5, results? Here's results using ACTUAL APPLICATIONS instead of pointless synthetic benchmarks. If you can give me a reason to pay double the price or more for such minuscule benefits, I'm listening.

  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, October 14, 2003 - link

    awesome memory now we can only wait for the "GOLD" version. I bet it will be faster.

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