In 2014/2015, it took NVIDIA 6 months from the launch of the Maxwell 2 architecture to get GTX Titan X out the door. All things considered, that was a fast turnaround for a new architecture. However now that we’re the Pascal generation, it turns out NVIDIA is in the mood to set a speed record, and in more ways than one. Announced this evening by Jen-Hsun Huang at an engagement at Stanford University is the NVIDIA Titan X, NVIDIA’s new flagship video card. Based on the company’s new GP102 GPU, it’s launching in less than two weeks, on August 2nd.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X Review

Never one to shy away from high-end video cards, in 2013 NVIDIA took the next step towards establishing a definitive brand for high-end cards with the launch of the...

276 by Ryan Smith on 3/17/2015

NVIDIA Volta, IBM POWER9 Land Contracts For New US Government Supercomputers

The launch of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Titan Supercomputer was in many ways a turning point for NVIDIA’s GPU compute business. Though already into their third generation of Tesla...

29 by Ryan Smith on 11/17/2014

NVIDIA Releases GeForce GTX Titan Z

Back in March at GTC 2014, NVIDIA announced their forthcoming flagship dual-GPU video card, the GeForce GTX Titan Z. Based on a pair of fully enabled GK110 GPUs, NVIDIA...

58 by Ryan Smith on 5/28/2014

NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX Titan Z: Dual-GPU GK110 For $3000

Today at GTC NVIDIA announced their next GTX Titan family card. Dubbed the GTX Titan Z (no idea yet on why it’s Z), the card is NVIDIA's obligatory entry...

65 by Ryan Smith on 3/25/2014

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan Black: No Compromises for Gaming & Compute

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan was an absolute beast when it launched. With 7.1 billion transistors and an architecture that separated itself from high-end consumer GPUs, the Titan was worthy...

45 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/18/2014

Some Quick Gaming Numbers at 4K, Max Settings

Part of my extra-curricular testing post Computex this year put me in the hands of a Sharp 4K30 monitor for three days and with a variety of AMD and...

133 by Ian Cutress on 7/1/2013

NVIDIA @ ISC 2013: CUDA 5.5 Released & More

As the 2013 International Supercomputing Conference continues this week, product and technology announcements continue to trickle out of the show. NVIDIA of course is no stranger to this show...

5 by Ryan Smith on 6/18/2013

Origin Genesis Review: Triple Titan Terror

At long last we're taking an in-depth look at Origin's latest generation Genesis desktop system. Backed by a heavily overclocked Core i7 processor and no less than 3 GeForce...

63 by Ryan Smith on 4/23/2013

GeForce Titan Pre-Order Available

This week saw the launch of NVIDIA's latest and greatest single GPU consumer graphics card, the GeForce Titan. Priced at a cool grand ($1000), the Titan isn't the sort...

22 by Jarred Walton on 2/22/2013

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Titan Review, Part 2: Titan's Performance Unveiled

Earlier this week NVIDIA announced their new top-end single-GPU consumer card, the GeForce GTX Titan. Built on NVIDIA’s GK110 and named after the same supercomputer that GK110 first powered...

337 by Ryan Smith & Rahul Garg on 2/21/2013

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan, Part 1: Titan For Gaming, Titan For Compute

Last year's launch of the Titan supercomputer was a major win for NVIDIA, and likely the breakthrough they’ve been looking for. A fledging business merely two generations prior, NVIDIA...

157 by Ryan Smith on 2/19/2013

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