Giveaway: Corsair RM1000i Special Edition White PSU

As the year starts to wind to a close, Corsair is marking their 10th year in the PSU business. All told, they have now sold over 10 million PSUs...

5 by Ryan Smith 4 days ago

Fold Proteins for Charity & Help AnandTech Beat Tom’s Hardware: Starting December 1st

As we approach the holiday season, the fantastic community team that’s responsible for keeping tabs on our publisher’s technology forums – the AnandTech Forums and the Tom’s Hardware Forums...

38 by Ryan Smith 5 days ago

AMD @ SC16: Radeon Open Compute Platform (ROCm) 1.3 Released, Boltzmann Comes to Fruition

Kicking off this week is SC, the annual ACM/IEEE sponsored supercomputing conference in the United States. At this show last year, AMD announced the Boltzmann Initiative, their ambitious plan...

11 by Ryan Smith on 11/14/2016

HTC Announces the HTC Bolt - A Sprint-Exclusive Smartphone for LTE Plus

Early this morning HTC took the wraps off of a new phone that will be exclusive to Sprint, the Bolt. Not to be confused with the old HTC Thunderbolt...

22 by Ryan Smith on 11/11/2016

Now Shipping: AMD Radeon Pro WX Series

Back in July AMD announced the Radeon Pro WX series. Part of a broader rebranding effort for AMD’s professional grade graphics cards – moving away from the FirePro brand...

32 by Ryan Smith on 11/7/2016

ARM Announces Mali-G51 Mainstream GPU, Mali-V-61 Video Processing Block

These days ARM and its customers are in the midst of a major evolution in GPU design. Back in May the company announced their new Bifrost GPU architecture, a...

22 by Ryan Smith on 10/31/2016

Apple Announces 4th Generation MacBook Pro Family: Thinner, Lighter, with Thunderbolt 3 & “Touch Bar”

Much ink has been spilt over the last year on the subject of the MacBook Pro. In short, Apple hasn’t given its professional laptop lineup a real overhaul in...

284 by Ryan Smith on 10/27/2016

Apple "Hello Again" 2016 Event Live Blog

We're here ready to go for another set of Apple Announcements!

105 by Ryan Smith & Ian Cutress on 10/27/2016

ARM TechCon 2016 Keynote Live Blog

13 by Ryan Smith on 10/25/2016

Intel Announces Atom E3900 Series - Goldmont for the Internet of Things & More

Kicking off a busy day for the Internet of Things market, Intel this morning is announcing the Atom E3900 series. Based upon the company’s latest generation Goldmont Atom CPU...

19 by Ryan Smith on 10/25/2016

Nintendo Announces Switch Portable Gaming Console - Powered by NVIDIA Tegra

Earlier today Nintendo took the wraps off of their next generation console, Switch. Formerly known by the codename NX, the Switch is the successor to both Nintendo’s portable DS...

110 by Ryan Smith on 10/20/2016

NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 1050 Ti & GTX 1050: Entry-Level Cards Launching October 25th

After a break of a couple of months in their Pascal launch schedule, NVIDIA is back again to launch a new Pascal desktop product. Following their near-perfect top-down launch...

93 by Ryan Smith on 10/18/2016

AMD Discontinues Gaming Evolved App

With the recent launch of AMD’s Radeon 400 series parts and consequent focus on hardware, it’s been some time now since we’ve heard from AMD about their Gaming Evolved...

62 by Ryan Smith on 10/12/2016

Reminder: OCZ SSD Giveaway & Ask The Experts Recap

As a final reminder to anyone who has yet to enter, our OCZ SSD giveaway closes on later this week on Friday. We'll be giving away 3 SSDs altogether...

23 by Ryan Smith on 10/12/2016

Oculus Touch Controllers Shipping In December for $199

Back when the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets launched earlier this year, one of the main differentiating features was the inclusion of touch/motion controllers. The Rift was...

14 by Ryan Smith on 10/6/2016

Google Announces Chromecast Ultra: 4K & HDR for Chromecast

Though the big Google news for today is of course the new lineup of Pixel phones, phones were only a small part of what Google had in store. Alongside...

19 by Ryan Smith on 10/4/2016

Giveaway: OCZ VX500 & RD400 SSDs

It’s been a while since we’ve last had a hardware giveaway, so for those of you looking for some new hardware, you’re in luck. As part of the recent...

14 by Ryan Smith on 9/29/2016

NVIDIA Teases Xavier, a High-Performance ARM SoC for Drive PX & AI

Ever since NVIDIA bowed out of the highly competitive (and high pressure) market for mobile ARM SoCs, there has been quite a bit of speculation over what would happen...

36 by Ryan Smith on 9/28/2016

AMD Announces Embedded Radeon E9260 & E9550 - Polaris for Embedded Markets

While it’s AMD’s consumer products that get the most fanfare with new GPU launches – and rightfully so – AMD and their Radeon brand also have a solid (if...

16 by Ryan Smith on 9/27/2016

Western Digital Shows Off Prototype 1TB SDXC Card at Photokina 2016

In recent years we have seen the development of 3D NAND push up the capacity and push down the prices of all sorts of flash devices, from SSDs to...

25 by Ryan Smith on 9/20/2016

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