The market for 2-bay and 4-bay NAS units has been growing at a much faster rate compared to other configurations. This trend is only expected to accelerate over the next few years. As the 'cloud' becomes a more common buzz-word, the time is ripe to educate the average consumer about the benefits of purchasing a NAS system. Western Digital is aiming to tap into this opportunity with the My Cloud product line. Having already introduced 1-bay and 4-bay variants, they are launching their 2-bay product, the EX2 today. Read on for our hands-on experience with the Western Digital My Cloud EX2.

HighPoint Aggressively Pursuing Consumer Market

HighPoint Technologies is going to be a pretty familiar name to users who have heard of their RocketRAID expansion cards, but at CES their booth was surprisingly devoid of...

0 by Dustin Sklavos on 1/10/2012

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