With Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in full swing, as part of the company’s annual festivities they have unveiled the next version of their venerable Macintosh operating system. Since shifting to free, yearly updates, the annual update has become a big part of the WWDC atmosphere, and this year is no different, as Apple continues to iterate in small (but important) steps with their desktop OS.

Best Mac Laptops - June 2013

In reviewing the 2013 MacBook Air, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I'd recommend the various notebooks in Apple's lineup. By the end of this year...

74 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/24/2013

The 2013 MacBook Air Review (13-inch)

Apple launched its Haswell ULT based MacBook Air into the wild earlier this month. With lofty battery life claims, an increased focus on lower power, 802.11ac and a PCIe...

233 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/24/2013

2013 MacBook Air: PCIe SSD and Haswell ULT Inside

This morning Apple updated its MacBook Air to Intel's Haswell ULT silicon. The chassis itself didn't get any updates, nor did the displays. Both the 11 and 13 inch...

175 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/10/2013

Up Close with the New Mac Pro

In its keynote this morning, Apple teased its next-generation Mac Pro, due out later this year. Based on Ivy Bridge E, the new system will ship with two AMD...

137 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/10/2013

WWDC 2013 Keynote Live Blog

Brian and I are live at Moscone West in San Francisco for Apple's WWDC 2013 Keynote. The keynote starts at 10AM PT/1PM ET. Check back here for our Live Blog!

29 by Anand Lal Shimpi & Brian Klug on 6/10/2013

Apple Cuts Pricing on MacBook Pro with Retina Display and SSD Upgrades

Earlier this morning Apple announced a combination of price cuts and spec updates to its MacBook Pro with Retina Display lineup. The price cuts impact the 13-inch rMBP, while...

37 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/13/2013

Apple Is Now Using SanDisk SSDs in the Retina MacBook Pro As Well

There has always been some level of lottery involved when buying an SSD-equipped Mac. The first Mac to start the lottery was the 2010 MacBook Air, which initially used...

31 by Kristian Vättö on 2/5/2013

A Month with Apple's Fusion Drive

Apple has the luxury of not competing at lower price points for its Macs, which makes dropping hard drives an easier thing to accomplish. Even so, out of the...

129 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 1/18/2013

Latest WebKit Build Doubles Scrolling Performance on MacBook Pro with Retina Display

In both of our MacBook Pro with Retina Display reviews (13-inch & 15-inch), I pointed out a big downside to the user experience today: UI performance in some applications...

15 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 12/4/2012

13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Review (Late 2012)

Earlier this year Apple introduced its first Mac equipped with a Retina Display. The 15.4-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display (henceforth rMBP) introduced a brand new, thinner and lighter...

80 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 11/13/2012

The AnandTech Podcast: Episode 9

This past month has been insane thanks to many of our travel schedules. With things finally settling down I was able to get together with Brian and Vivek to...

49 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 11/7/2012

Understanding Apple's Fusion Drive

During its iPad mini launch event today Apple updated many members of its Mac lineup. The 13-inch MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini all got updated today. For the...

87 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/24/2012

Up Close with the New 27-inch iMac's User Serviceable Memory Panel

Both of the 21.5 and 27-inch iMacs use SO-DIMMs, however the 27-inch model does allow for end user upgrades. Remove the power cable and there's a button that will...

23 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/23/2012

13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display: Hands On

We just spent some time with the other major announcement from today: Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The 3.5 lbs machine is obviously lighter than the 15-inch...

24 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/23/2012

Office for Mac 2011 Gets Retina Display Support

Since the launch of the MacBook Pro with Retina display in June, Microsoft had announced full compatibility of Office for Mac 2011 with Mountain Lion, but had neither confirmed...

11 by Saumitra Bhagwat on 9/19/2012

Western Digital My Book VelociRaptor Duo Review

With Thunderbolt ports available on both Macs and PCs, as well as Thunderbolt controller costs dropping thanks to the introduction of Intel's Cactus Ridge, the Thunderbolt storage space is...

30 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/30/2012

The AnandTech Podcast: Episode 2

We're back! After a false start last week, we have our second podcast. This week Brian Klug, Ryan Smith and myself discussed Thunderbolt, Quick Sync in OS X, Windows...

25 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/28/2012

OWC Announces 480GB SSD Upgrade for MacBook Pro with Retina Display

In our review of the MacBook Pro with Retina Display I mentioned that the base $2199 configuration is near perfect, save for its 256GB SSD. With no room for...

12 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/14/2012

The 2012 MacBook Pro Review

With most of the attention from Apple's hardware refresh event centered around iOS 6 and the new Retina MacBook Pro, the updated 2012 edition of the regular MacBook Pro...

132 by Vivek Gowri on 7/18/2012

The 2012 MacBook Air (11 & 13-inch) Review

Things are getting very blurry. The MacBook Pro once stood for tons of power plus upgradability. Add a Retina Display and now it's just tons of power. It's a thicker...

190 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 7/16/2012

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