There was a time when liquid-cooling a computer chip was considered to be "extreme", something you'd only see hardcore enthusiasts or overclockers doing. It took a lot of work, often with custom parts for most of the build as there were no specialized commercial products available at the time. Radiators were modified heater cores extracted from cars, CPU blocks were rare and occasionally machined into local workshops using a copper block and a lathe, while high-performance tubing came from shops with medical supplies. That time has long since passed, and today we have a roundup of 14 all-in-one liquid coolers; join us as we discover which ones rise to the top and which ones sink into the abyss.

Swiftech: Enhanced Liquid-Cooling Options

Swiftech is a fairly well-known name in the realm of computer cooling, founded nearly 20 years ago by Gabriel Rouchon (but not officially named Swiftech until 2001). While they...

15 by Jarred Walton on 1/9/2014

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