While refresh season is generally a little underwhelming for press and end users alike (surprise surprise, vendors are using the newest generation of processors!), there can be diamonds in the rough. Dell's updated Precision lineup suggested a sleeping giant slowly waking up, but where the refreshed Inspirons are a bold move in form and Dell is clearly getting more aggressive again, the updates can seem underwhelming. We're looking at three Inspiron lines, which in many ways seems to run contradictory to the simplified branding Dell was preaching about back when they launched the XPS 13 ultrabook. Complexity creep may be an issue that affects more than just game designers. As far as the hardware itself goes, most of the systems are being updated to Ivy Bridge...

Dell Reveals Ivy Bridge for XPS and Vostro Desktops, Inspiron Laptops

In the continuing deluge of Intel 3rd Generation Core i-Series product announcements, Dell has released details on their XPS and Vostro desktops, along with their Inspiron laptops. For now...

19 by Jarred Walton on 5/2/2012

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