Having launched last week and being reviewed today is AMD’s Radeon R9 Fury X, the company’s new flagship single-GPU video card. Featuring a fully enabled Fiji GPU, the R9 Fury X is AMD's new Fiji GPU at its finest, and a safe bet to be the grandest video card AMD releases built on TSMC’s 28nm process. Fiji is clocked high, cooled with overkill, and priced to go right up against the only GM200 GeForce card from NVIDIA that anyone cares about: the GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

Battlefield 3 Beta Opens Sept. 29

Fans of DICE’s large-scale FPS rejoice: the open beta for Battlefield 3 launches on September 29. Anyone who preordered BF3 via EA’s Origin service or purchased the Limited Edition...

26 by Craig Getting on 9/20/2011

Ivy Bridge GPU to Support Resolutions of up to 4096x4096

Thanks VR-Zone for the image! IDF 2011 ended on last Thursday but there is still lots of data showing up because sites are processing the data they have gathered. VR-Zone...

33 by Kristian Vättö on 9/19/2011

Portal Now Free Until Sept. 20

If you’ve yet to try Valve’s mind-bending first-person puzzler Portal, you now have no excuse. The original Portal is currently free on Steam until September 20th. Valve was inspired by...

10 by Craig Getting on 9/17/2011

AMD's 28nm GPU Demoed, Release Later This Year

In another demonstration of silicon health AMD was showing working 28nm mobile GPU silicon running Dirt 3. It's too early to talk about performance or specifications, but AMD is...

26 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 9/14/2011

BUILD: Details On Direct3D 11.1

We're currently sitting in a Microsoft session on DirectX in Metro, where Microsoft is discussing the improvements they've made to DirectX for use with Metro. Every individual DirectX graphics...

18 by Ryan Smith on 9/14/2011

AMD Shows Off Mobility Radeon HD 7000

Thanks X-bit labs for the image Intel's Developer Forum and Microsoft's BUILD conference are both underway but to not make this week any quieter, AMD is also having their own...

8 by Kristian Vättö on 9/14/2011

IDF 2011: Lucid Announces Virtu Universal MVP Featuring HyperFormance Technology (Update)

At the start of 2011 Lucid announced their Virtu software to go with Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPUs. With Virtu users would be able to use a discrete GPU and...

14 by Ryan Smith on 9/14/2011

And Now: Ivy Bridge GPU Architectures Detailed

We just finished going over the GPU portion of Ivy Bridge in Intel's IVB tech session. If you're interested, the slides are below.

12 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 9/13/2011

AMD's First Dual-Core Llano APUs: A4-3400 & A4-3300 Launched

Today AMD introduced its first dual-core Llano APUs: the A4-3400 and A4-3300. These APUs have only 758M active transistors, a bit over half of the transistors in the bigger...

14 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 9/7/2011

AMD Releases Catalyst 11.8 Drivers

AMD today released version 11.8 of its Calalyst driver package for Windows. As with previous releases, version 11.8 is available for all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP...

14 by Andrew Cunningham on 8/17/2011

SIGGRAPH 2011: NVIDIA’s Upcoming Workstation Technologies - Project Maximus & Monterey Technology

SIGGRAPH tends to be an interesting mix of announcements and demonstrations. Major vendors like NVIDIA like to make their announcements at their own trade shows – or at the...

12 by Ryan Smith on 8/12/2011

OpenGL 4.2 Specification Released

Coenciding with the start of SIGGRAPH 2011, Khronos has released version 4.2 of the OpenGL specification. Khronos routinely updates the OpenGL specification to add new features to the API...

6 by Ryan Smith on 8/8/2011

Update: Kepler GPUs Shipping This Year? NVIDIA Says No

Although we're barely into August, both AMD and NVIDIA are already making their first moves for their next generation products due at the end of this year and into...

13 by Ryan Smith on 8/3/2011

Village Instruments CEO Promises Graphics Card Enclosure for Thunderbolt

Village Instruments CEO Hubert Chen wrote an open letter to Facebook last week, attempting to gague customer interest in an external PCI Express graphics card enclosure for Thunderbolt. He...

19 by Andrew Cunningham on 8/3/2011

28nm Radeon Chips This Year? AMD Says Yes

During its Q2 2011 earnings conference, AMD’s interim-CEO Thomas Seifert revealed that AMD already has working samples of GPUs using a 28nm fabrication process. AMD claims it is on...

17 by Saumitra Bhagwat on 7/28/2011

Nintendo 3DS Gets $80 Price Cut on August 12

Those of you on the fence about Nintendo's 3DS, your wait may soon be over: Starting August 12, the price of the system will fall from its current $249.99...

10 by Andrew Cunningham on 7/28/2011

AMD Raises the Mobile Performance Bar with Radeon HD 6990M

AMD’s last update to their mobile GPU lineup is now over six months old, which means we’re about due for another new part. Right on cue, and not long...

34 by Jarred Walton on 7/12/2011

AnandTech Mobile Graphics Guide, Summer 2011

If desktop graphics hardware can be more than a little confusing, deciphering performance of mobile graphics parts can be (and has historically been) an absolute nightmare. Way back in...

83 by Dustin Sklavos on 7/5/2011

AMD A8-3850 : An HTPC Perspective

Today is all about Lynx, the desktop version of the Llano platform from AMD. Anand is reviewing the A8-3850 from a generic PC perspective, and Ian is covering its...

107 by Ganesh T S on 6/30/2011

The AMD A8-3850 Review: Llano on the Desktop

Ever since the arrival of Conroe back in 2006, we've only really recommended AMD for its (sometimes incredible) value. Recommending AMD for those looking for absolute performance pretty much...

100 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/30/2011

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