Most of our attention with servers has gone to the midrange (Xeon E5, Opteron 6300) and high-end (Xeon E7) platforms. But the low-end and micro server market is where most of the competition, innovation and excitement is. It's time for some much needed analyses, based on solid real-world benchmarks.

Applied Micro's X-Gene: The First ARMv8 SoC

We covered the X-Gene announcement a couple of weeks ago when the news was first made public. I was in London at the time meeting with Nokia so I...

13 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 11/14/2011

AppliedMicro Announces 64-bit ARM Based X-Gene SoCs

AppliedMicro has released specifications of their upcoming X-Gene SoC (Server-on-a-Chip this time, not System). AppliedMicro X-Gene Specifications Architecture ARMv8 Cores From 2 to up to 128 Frequency Up to 3GHz Process TSMC 40/28nm Power Usage Up to 2W per core Above...

23 by Kristian Vättö on 10/28/2011

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