We don’t really give much coverage to the rugged device category, but it’s at least somewhat cool see what companies can do when they want something that can withstand all sorts of extreme environments. Today Dell is announcing their latest fourth generation edition of the Latitude Rugged Extreme 12 and 14 laptops. These are fourth generation in the sense that they’re using Intel Haswell CPUs, but they’re also the fourth iteration of rugged devices from Dell in the past seven years. That’s a bit long compared to the consumer side of things where we see yearly or sometimes even more frequent updates, but for rugged devices designed for industrial, military, etc. use the rate of change tends to be slower. That said, these are both...

Dell's Latitude Gets Rough and Ready

While a business-class notebook is often a good idea just for reliability’s sake, what if you need something tough enough to be used either as a murder weapon or...

15 by Dustin Sklavos on 6/7/2011

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