The Intel NUC has created a very successful niche for itself in the SFF PC market. While Gigabyte has released the BRIX lineup (with more options compared to the Intel NUC line, including AMD-based ones and NVIDIA GPU-equipped units), most offerings we have seen (such as the Logic Supply ML320) just build upon Intel's motherboard. In this situation, we have Zotac come out with the ZBOX O-series (Sphere lineup). A motherboard tracing its origins (like the Intel-based BRIX units) to the Intel NUC, it differentiates itself mainly in its aesthetics. How does it perform in our mini-PC evaluation? Read on to find out.

Computex 2014: Zotac’s ZBOX Sphere and AMD Fanless Mini-PC

Over the last year or so, Zotac seems to have reduced its motherboard output in focus of the mini-PCs. It explains why we have no Zotac Z87 or...

4 by Ian Cutress on 6/12/2014

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