When we reviewed the GIGABYTE MW31-SP0, I stated at the time that due to the design of many of the Xeon focused motherboards, only two or three were actually geared up for SLI certification. It comes down to the motherboard implementing the C236 chipset (over the C232) and the manufacturer providing an x8/x8 PCIe lane allocation and actually going for certification. The reality seems to be that not that many Xeon users want/need SLI for gaming, hence the low number of products available. But GIGABYTE aims for the X170-EXTREME ECC to be the best motherboard on the market for just such an occasion, while bundling Thunderbolt 3 support as well.

AOpen AK73 Pro Socket-A KT133 (686B) ATX

AOpen is at it again, attempting to produce the most stable, well manufactured, fully featured motherboard on the market. Today we look at their newest, and ...

0 by Mike Andrawes on 12/7/2000

Socket-A VIA KT133 Motherboard Roundup - November 2000

While AMD's 760 chipset has drawn quite a bit of attention, the market for a Socket-A KT133 based motherboard is still very prominent. With many more mature platforms...

0 by Henry Kuo on 11/30/2000

ALi in 2001: DDR SDRAM for all

How does the former king of Super7 chipsets plan to make a comeback from such a long fall over the past year? By giving the public what they...

0 by Henry Kuo on 11/29/2000

Motherboards in 2001 Preview: Part 2

Part 2 of our motherboard in 2001 preview is ready, covering Gigabyte, Microstar, Shuttle, and Transcend, plus a summary to wrap up both parts of the preview. Read on...

0 by Henry Kuo on 11/28/2000

Motherboards in 2001 Preview: Part 1

What do ABIT, AOpen, Chaintech, EPoX, and FIC have planned for 2001? Read on as we reveal their upcoming product lines and keep your eyes peeled for what...

0 by Henry Kuo on 11/27/2000

FIC AZ11E Socket-A KT133 (686B) ATX

FIC was the first manufacturer to have KT133 boards available for purchase with the original AZ11. They've tweaked that design with multiplier adjustments and Ultra ATA 100 support...

0 by Henry Kuo on 11/15/2000

EPoX EP-8KTA2 Socket-A KT133 (686B) ATX

After their first KT133 board, the EP-8KTA, EPoX went back to the drawing board in an attempt to produce the ultimate Socket-A solution for today's market. That means...

0 by Henry Kuo on 11/14/2000

ABIT SA6R Socket-370 i815E + RAID ATX

ABIT's back with their second generation i815E board. This time, they've thrown in just about everything but the kitchen sink, including Ultra ATA 100 IDE RAID and Softmenu...

0 by Henry Kuo on 11/13/2000

Iwill WO2-R Socket 370 i815E + RAID ATX

Iwill, who has long been a supporter of both Intel and RAID controllers, managed to put the two together in the WO2-R. Let's find out if Iwill can combine...

0 by Henry Kuo on 11/7/2000

Soyo SY-K7VTA KT133 Socket-A ATX (Production)

One and a half months after we were able to get our hands on the preproduction board, the final review of Soyo's Socket-A KT133 board is here. Allowing dipswitch...

0 by Henry Kuo on 11/6/2000

Transcend TS-ASL3 Socket-370 i815E ATX

Far from a well known manufacturer among most hardware enthusiasts, can Transcend form a more recognizable name in our community? Let's see how well their i815E solution stacks...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/27/2000

ABIT SE6 Socket-370 i815E ATX

ABIT has recently impressed us quite a bit with their BX and KT133 based solutions, but armed with the i815E chipset will ABIT continue the trend? Find out...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/25/2000

Chaintech CT-6OJV2 Socket-370 i815E ATX

Chaintech provides its latest i815E solution. With the days of the BX chipset being numbered, is this the right i815 board for you?

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/20/2000

Microstar K7T Pro2 KT133 Socket-A ATX

Watch out ASUS and ABIT, MSI is playing a very serious game of catch-up. As a follow-up to their introduction of the first Athlon board with on-board SCSI...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/16/2000

Chaintech CT-7AIV2 Socket-A KT133 microATX

Attempting to get a bit more name recognition in the motherboard market, Chaintech is at it again, this time with their KT133 based CT-7AIV2. Does this motherboard live up...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/5/2000

Iwill KV200-R Socket-A KT133 ATX

Iwill's first entry into the Athlon motherboard market is marked with the introduction of the KV200-R. Can a once prominent member of the Super7 motherboard market compete in...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/4/2000

Microstar K7T Master Socket-A KT133 ATX

For years AMD users have never enjoyed the benefits that Intel owners did when it came to having features on motherboards. More specifically, you never saw any boards...

0 by Henry Kuo on 9/28/2000

Soyo SY-K7VTA Socket-A KT133 ATX

Often times a fierce competitor of ABIT, Soyo has brought forth their latest Socket-A solution for AMD's Duron and Thunderbird processors. Can it compete with the already crowned...

0 by Henry Kuo on 9/22/2000

ASUS A7V Socket-A KT133 ATX

ASUS has been impressing us time after time with their motherboard releases. With the Socket-A Athlons & Durons growing in popularity, let's take a deeper look into whether...

2 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/22/2000


We already gave ABIT our Editor's Choice Award for the KT7-RAID in our Socket-A KT133 Motherboard Roundup, but today we take a closer look at the board itself and...

0 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/12/2000

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