We have a long wait until Ivy Bridge-E hits the shelves, and until that point the dichotomy between the features and price of both Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge will continue to weigh on the minds of performance enthusiasts. But does it weigh on the minds of gamers so much? Continuing debates rage on regarding how many cores are needed for game X, the low uptake of multi-GPU configurations, and the percentage of users with multi-monitor setups – are most gamers equipped with single screen and a single GPU? There will always be niche categories for the über enthusiast, and the ASRock Fatal1ty X79 range is aiming in that direction. Today’s review focuses on the Champion and Professional boards, both of...

ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional Review - IDE and Floppy on Z77

Marketing is a very powerful tool. A successful marketing campaign or product segmentation can increase sales more than ten-fold. It is not something we hear or talk...

57 by Ian Cutress on 5/20/2012

550W Roundup: Three PSUs at Different Prices

"You get what you pay for!" Is this maxim realy true? On the one hand there are more than enough expensive PSUs with high ripple and noise results with...

83 by Martin Kaffei on 10/28/2010

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