We posted our full review of the Eurocom P5 Pro (Clevo P750ZM) last week and mentioned that we were investigating overclocking potential. Armed with an updated VBIOS and running NVIDIA’s older 344.75 drivers (as the current NVIDIA drivers lock out overclocking), just how far can you push the GTX 980M? We’ve run some additional tests to find out how much headroom exists and what happens to thermals in the process.

Eurocom P5 Pro / Clevo P750ZM Review: True DTR

Some people look at notebooks as a way to cut the cord and go mobile for long periods of time, but others view the portability as a mere convenience...

74 by Jarred Walton on 3/10/2015

Eurocom Now Selling GPU Upgrades For Existing Laptops With GTX 980M and GTX 970M Options

Today Eurocom announced some interesting news. They are now selling new upgrade kits for existing laptops which feature a MXM 3.0b graphics card. This will let owners of older...

36 by Brett Howse on 2/10/2015

Eurocom X5 (Clevo P177SM)

Over the last decade or so, Clevo has been one of the more enduring notebook original design manufacturers, particularly when it comes to gaming and workstation-centric desktop replacements. I’m...

39 by Vivek Gowri on 9/2/2013

Choosing a Gaming Laptop, Back-to-School 2013 Edition

We regularly get asked for opinions on what product is “best” for a certain use case. Naturally, what makes a product perfect for one user may not matter much...

60 by Jarred Walton on 8/23/2013

Eurocom Monster 1.0: Clevo's Little Monster

When Alienware announced the Ivy Bridge refresh for its gaming notebook lineup, one model was conspicuously absent. Word filtered out that the smallest member of the range, the 11.6&rdquo...

47 by Vivek Gowri on 5/18/2012

Clevo's W110ER Now Available from Additional Vendors

We provided a full overview of Eurocom's Monster 1.0 last week. For the interested, the same Clevo W110ER chassis used in the Monster 1.0 is available with a variety...

22 by Jarred Walton on 5/2/2012

Eurocom Monster 1.0: Gaming with Quad-Core IVB and Kepler at 11.6”

Eurocom is a company that we’ve seen a few times over the years. Mostly, their focus is on the high-end mobile workstation market, though they also sell plenty of...

32 by Jarred Walton on 4/27/2012

More Sandy Bridge E Laptops: Eurocom Panther 4.0 and Maingear Titan 17

Clevo was the first in line to release Sandy Bridge E based laptop a couple of days ago, which naturally means that all the usual suspects that use Clevo's...

10 by Kristian Vättö on 2/8/2012

Eurocom Racer: Why the Radeon HD 6970M Rocks

When Eurocom offered to send us their latest Racer notebook, we were mildly intrigued. Then they upped the ante by giving us the chance to put AMD’s latest and...

48 by Jarred Walton on 3/17/2011

The Highest-End Notebooks, 2009

Unlike desktops, it's not currently possible to get a notebook that wins every benchmark, but we have three of the fastest currently available notebooks and we'll show you where...

56 by Jarred Walton on 10/14/2009

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