QNAP is one of the leading vendors in the COTS NAS (commercial off-the-shelf network attached storage) space. They have a wide variety of hardware platforms to choose from, ranging from ARM-based single-bay systems to Xeon-based rackmounts. Earlier this week, they launched the Bay Trail-based TS-x51+ series for home and SOHO users. We have the 4-bay variant, the TS-451+ in for review. Read on to see how the unit stacks up against the competitors in this space.

The Battle of Bay Trail-D: GIGABYTE J1900N-D3V and ASUS J1900I-C Reviewed

All the recent talk of Haswell-E and high-end refreshes has obscured the more casual computing market. The Bay Trail platform uses Intel’s Atom based Silvermont cores and competes directly...

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ECS Reveals LIVA Product Roadmap

The PC market is warming up to the ECS LIVA 'nettop' that we reviewed back in July. The fanless nature and low cost, as well as 'good-enough' performance serve...

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QNAP TS-451 Bay Trail NAS Performance Review

The launch of the QNAP TS-x51 series was covered in detail last month. Its introduction has revitalized the premium NAS market for SOHO and power users by providing a...

57 by Ganesh T S on 7/28/2014

ECS LIVA Review: The Nettop Rises Again

Nettops and netbooks, as a class of products, have been on the decline over the last few years. However, the introduction of SoCs based on the new Silvermont Atom...

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Google and Acer Bring Chromebooks to $199

It seems we're not through with new Chromebooks yet. Google's tagline for their lightweight PC operating system initiative is "Chromebooks for Everyone," and to that end they are racing...

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Holiday Budget System Buyers' Guide

The recent launch of Intel Sandy Bridge-based Celeron CPUs and the proliferation of budget-priced LGA 1155 socket motherboards bring fresh competition to the budget desktop computer market segment, long...

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