As small form-factor gaming PCs gain traction, more companies enter the scene with small form factor power supplies. Enermax this week introduced its first power supplies in SFX form-factor designed for high-performance systems. The company is now the fifth major supplier of PSUs to offer gaming-grade SFX power supplies, such that enthusiasts now have five brands to choose from, up from two early this year. The Enermax Revolution SFX family currently includes two models rated for 550 W (ERV550SWT) and 650 W (ERV650SWT) power output. The new PSUs are compliant with the SFX12V V3.3 and ATX12V V2.4 specifications as well as carry the 80 Plus Gold certification badge. The power supplies come in standard 100-mm depth chassis and feature 80-mm fans that do not...

Exclusive: Antec Signature 850W

Antec just launched their new Signature series of power supplies, designed to provide a top-quality experience. Does it succeed or does this signature besmirch their name?

23 by Christoph Katzer on 5/7/2008

Corsair HX1000W

It took longer than expected, but Corsair now joins the crowd of companies offering kilowatt power supplies. We put their latest offering through our tests to see if it...

17 by Christoph Katzer on 4/29/2008

Silverstone Decathlon DA700 Super Silent Power Supply

Silverstone is competing for the crown of super silent power supplies and this 700 watts unit has a good chance to win the race.

20 by Christoph Katzer on 4/22/2008

Xigmatek NRP-HC1001 and NRP-HC1201 Power Supplies

Xigmatek brings out their high-end power supplies rated at 1000W and 1200W for testing.

20 by Christoph Katzer on 4/13/2008

OCZ EliteXStream 800W and 1000W

OCZ launches their newest "XStream" power supply brand, and we've got the 800W and 1000W models for testing.

10 by Christoph Katzer on 4/7/2008

Amacrox Calmer 560: Silence is Golden

Some users want a powerful system; for others silence is the goal. It can be difficult to balance these competing objectives, but this fanless PSU from Amacrox looks to...

13 by Christoph Katzer on 4/2/2008

Enermax Launches the Pro82+ and Modu82+

At CES 2008, we caught our first glimpse of Enermax's two new PSU series. We've been anxiously awaiting the chance to test them for a couple months now, and...

17 by Christoph Katzer on 3/25/2008

Noctua NH-U12P: Top Performance AND Silence

Noctua launches fan refinements to improve overclocking performance without compromising quiet. Does the new cooler perform as well as Noctua claims?

51 by Wesley Fink on 3/20/2008

Thermalright HR-03 GT: Heavyweight GPU Cooling

We look at the HR-03 GT VGA Cooler to see how it stacks up against NVIDIA's stock cooler solution and the Sparkle fanless 8800GT.

43 by Matt Campbell on 3/3/2008

Power Supply Roundup: 650W-680W

We've reviewed many PSUs rated at extreme wattages; now it's time to look at more reasonable offerings in the 650W range.

23 by Christoph Katzer on 2/21/2008

A Closer Look at ESA

Enthusiast System Architecture now has USB-if HID approval and the new system control standard is moving forward. The monitoring capabilites of a working ESA system are examined.

19 by Wesley Fink on 2/19/2008

Exclusive Interview with PC Power & Cooling Founder

We had a chance to speak with the Founder of PCP&C Doug Dodson, and felt the interview questions and answers were worth passing along as a closer look at...

49 by Christoph Katzer on 2/11/2008

PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 860W: Special AnandTech Edition

PCP&C sent us their new Turbo Cool 860W, with a few extras requested specifically by AnandTech. Read on to find out what extras we wanted and what the Turbo...

20 by Christoph Katzer on 2/4/2008

Arctic Cooling Duo: Alpine 7 & Freezer 7 Pro Attack Value

Alpine 7 is a family of $12 to $15 coolers while the Freezer 7 Pro is a step up to the $25 price range. Can these entry-level coolers compete...

48 by Wesley Fink on 1/29/2008

ZEROtherm Nirvana: Designed for Top Performance

The last ZEROtherm Butterfly cooler showed impressive performance and low noise levels. Can a ZEROtherm design for all-out cooler performance top our charts?

38 by Wesley Fink on 1/16/2008

Power Supply Summary 2007 - The Best of the Best

We've looked at dozens of power supplies, but we haven't given out any awards. In this recap of the 2007 PSU market, we pick out those offerings that have...

38 by Christoph Katzer on 12/20/2007

Power Supply Roundup: Eight 1000W for the Extreme Users

In the rush for faster processors and GPUs sporting more cores and pipelines, power supply manufacturers are feeling neglected. If you're in the market for an ultra-high-end system, you...

29 by Christoph Katzer on 12/11/2007

Power Supply Roundup: 730W to 900W

We've got ten power supplies for this roundup, representing the higher end of the PSU spectrum.

31 by Christoph Katzer on 11/22/2007

400-450W PSU Roundup

We test four moderate power supplies ranging from 400W to 450W. What separates budget 400W units from higher quality midrange units? Read on to find out.

36 by Christoph Katzer on 11/6/2007

NVIDIA Introduces ESA - Enthusiast System Architecture

NVIDIA launches a new open standard for monitoring and controlling computer components.

28 by Wesley Fink on 11/5/2007

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