The last time I fully road tested a smartphone, I was moving from a rather decrepit Samsung Galaxy S2 to the 'glorious' 6-inch HTC One max, at a time when my smartphone use case consisted of taking pictures and basic gaming. Two years on, and I'm upgrading again, because the One max has become frightfully slow and I now use my phone a lot for writing reviews on the road. My phone of choice for this next round comes from a whimsical tale but is an obscure number, from a Chinese company based in Shenzhen called CUBOT.

Browser Face-Off: Chrome 37 Beta Battery Life Revisited

Last week we posted our Browser Face-Off: Battery Life Explored 2014, where the battery run down times of Firefox 31, IE11 Desktop, IE11 Modern, Chrome 36, and Chrome 37...

22 by Stephen Barrett on 8/18/2014

Browser Face-Off: Battery Life Explored 2014

It has been five years since we did a benchmark of the various web browsers and their effect on battery life, and a lot has changed. Our testing then...

112 by Stephen Barrett on 8/12/2014

Windows 8.1 Battery Life Investigation: 1080p Video Playback

A couple weeks back, I posted a short article on battery life with Windows 8.1 looking at whether or not it had changed compared to Windows 8. The short...

67 by Jarred Walton on 11/6/2013

Sony VAIO Pro 13 Battery Life with Windows 8.1: Largely Unchanged

Last week I finished up the review of the Sony VAIO Pro 13, which delivers excellent battery life compared to most other laptops that we’ve tested – granted, it’s...

34 by Jarred Walton on 10/21/2013

Samsung Galaxy S 4 ZeroLemon 7500 mAh Extended Battery Review

One of the chief differentiators with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 versus other current flagship Android devices is the continued support for user-replaceable batteries. Although removable batteries are becoming...

73 by Brian Klug on 7/23/2013

Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 Review

Lately I have found myself doing a case review here and there, and battery cases are particularly interesting since they're easy enough for us to test and integrate into...

11 by Brian Klug on 5/1/2013

A Comment on PC Gaming Battery Life

During the process of writing the Razer Edge review, I spent a lot of my time gaming on battery. The Edge is marketed as being a mobile PC gaming...

31 by Vivek Gowri on 3/30/2013

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