Way back at MWC we saw Qualcomm Atheros demonstrating single spatial stream 802.11ac on a MSM8960 MDP, where it was pushing 230 Mbps to a nearby 802.11ac router. I talked about the WCN which works in conjunction with the WLAN PHY onboard the MSM8960 SoC, but got the part number wrong apparently (I said it was WCN3860). Qualcomm Atheros is now making that particular part official, and it's the WCN3680, a single spatial stream 802.11ac and BT 4.0 combo solution that works in conjunction with either MSM8960 or the quad core APQ8064 Krait SoCs. Back then, I suspected that WCN3680 might not be implementing 256QAM (which is an optional 802.11ac feature), based on the 230 Mbps transfer rate we saw and talk of this...

Qualcomm Atheros Demos 802.11ac on MSM8960

Among a bunch of interesting Krait features is a noteworthy change in connectivity that represents some of the first fruits of the Qualcomm Atheros acquisition. We touched on it...

6 by Brian Klug on 2/27/2012

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon S4 Member MPQ8064, new Atheros WiFi and Powerline Chipsets

We're live at the CES 2012 Qualcomm keynote, and although CEO Paul Jacobs hasn't quite taken the stage yet, Qualcomm has already released a number of the announcements it...

1 by Brian Klug on 1/10/2012

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