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When ASUS emailed a couple of weeks before CES announcing that they had cancelled their press event for the show, we had a few question marks. Previous shows involve Chairman Jonney Shih’s rapid fire but succinct delivery, announcing up to 10 products in an hour. ASUS’ remit is large, so not having a press event seemed odd. It turns out that for 2016, Computex will be their show, and rather than announce the next level of stuff half-a-year early, CES will be a show for updates to current lines. Or so I was lead to believe – their booth at CES had numerous hidden gems.

ASUS Launches Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly for Skylake, includes 10G Ethernet Card

We covered the launch of ASUS’ most expensive Z170 motherboard when the announcement was made (we also have it in for review), but late last week another announcement landed...

21 by Ian Cutress on 11/16/2015

Intel Xeon D Launched: 14nm Broadwell SoC for Enterprise

It is very rare for Intel to come out and announce a new integrated platform. Today this comes in the form of Xeon D, best described as the meeting...

38 by Ian Cutress on 3/9/2015

Synology DS2015xs Review: An ARM-based 10G NAS

Synology is one of the most popular COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) NAS vendors in the SMB / SOHO market segment. The NAS models introduced by them in 2014 were mostly...

50 by Ganesh T S on 2/27/2015

Synology's DS2015xs brings ARM to High-Performance NAS Units

In the current NAS market, it is downright impossible to talk of ARM and high performance together. The most powerful ARM-based NAS units have been based on Marvell's ARMADA...

27 by Ganesh T S on 12/9/2014

GIGABYTE Server MD60-SC0 Motherboard Review: Haswell-EP with QSFP

Ever since GIGABYTE’s Server team and I first started discussing reviews, it was interesting to see what a purely B2B (business to business) unit could do. Since then, GIGABYTE...

16 by Ian Cutress on 12/3/2014

ASRock Announces X99 WS-E/10G: Dual 10GBase-T and Quad x16

Edit: Read our full review here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8781/ Regular readers of my twitter feed might have noticed that over the past 12/24 months, I lamented the lack of 10 gigabit Ethernet...

50 by Ian Cutress on 11/24/2014

GIGABYTE Server to Offer a 1P LGA2011 Motherboard with 10GbE SFP+

While home networking is moving slowly forward in the march towards 10GBase-T, having high speed access in the enterprise arena can be a specific requirement for a mission critical...

19 by Ian Cutress on 3/6/2014

Netgear ReadyNAS 716 Review: 10GBase-T in a Desktop NAS

Netgear launched the 6-bay ReadyNAS 716 10-GbE desktop NAS in November. To our knowledge, this is the first off-the-shelf NAS in a desktop tower form factor to come with...

25 by Ganesh T S on 1/1/2014

QNAP Partners with ZyXEL for Affordable 10G NAS Solutions

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and datacenter operators are minimizing the footprints of their computing equipment using virtualization. Heavily virtualized environments require a good network backend (efficient IP-SANs...

15 by Ganesh T S on 8/15/2013

10G Ethernet: More Than a Big Pipe

If you are looking to improve your virtualized datacenter, 10Gb Ethernet really deserves your attention. It delivers more than twice as much bandwidth as quad-port gigabit, lower latency, lower...

38 by Johan De Gelas on 11/24/2010

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