At Flash Memory Summit this week, Samsung is sharing details of their storage technology roadmaps and showing off several prototypes. Last year, Samsung announced their fourth generation of 3D NAND, a 64-layer design. This fourth generation V-NAND is now in mass production and will be rolling out to many product segments over the coming months. Most products will be using either 256Gb or 512Gb TLC dies. Compared to the 48-layer third generation V-NAND, the 64-layer V-NAND offers the same read performance but approximately 11% higher write performance. Power consumption has been improved more significantly, with the current required for a read operation dropping by 12% and for a program operation the current required has decreased by 25%. Samsung claims their 64-layer V-NAND in a TLC...

Samsung Shows Off A Z-SSD: With New Z-NAND

As the sort of person that can get addicted to deep technology discussions about the latest thing, without due care and attention I could easily fall into the pit...

91 by Ian Cutress on 3/17/2017

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