Wireless Keyboards

Corsair this month has rolled out its first keyboard designed primarily for HTPCs. The K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard incorporates a tenkeyless keyboard using Corsair's low-profile switches, along with a touchpad, a joystick, and a dedicated volume scroller to to flesh out the functionality of Corsair's lap-friendly keyboard. Corsair is of course no stranger to lapboards. The company has been offering a lapboard version of the gaming-focused K63 keyboard since last year. However whereas the K63 laptop setup ultimately used a standard wireless keyboard with an extra lapboard accessory – one whose lap-accommodations were focused on providing space for a wireless mouse – the K83 is an outright built from scratch lapboard, and one designed for broader uses as a general purpose HTPC keyboard. At its core...

CES 2019: Cooler Master Announces Three New Wireless Mechanical Keyboards, SK621, SK631 And SK651

Cooler Master has announced its first range of wireless mechanical keyboards, the SK621, the SK631 and SK651 models. All three models feature Bluetooth 4.0 functionality and have a slimline...

9 by Gavin Bonshor on 1/10/2019

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