Extra performance is always welcome, whether that is CPU performance, memory performance, SSD performance or GPU performance. It makes it a lot more worthwhile if the performance comes at a lower than expected cost. This is what VisionTek are trying to do with their new R9 290 CryoVenom – this is a custom built liquid cooled card designed to be cheaper than a self-built liquid cooling solution. On the front of it, the CryoVenom is just another GPU with a water block attached (users will have to supply their own water loop), however VisionTek are trying to cut out a lot of the hard work for the user. The card will have the water block preinstalled (similar to the EVGA Hydro range)...

Introducing AMD’s Memory Brand

We discussed the availability of AMD branded memory modules earlier this month, but today AMD is officially unveiling information on their memory platform. There are a few major questions...

55 by Jarred Walton on 11/28/2011

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