Ultra II

Back in September SanDisk launched the Ultra II for the mainstream market and it's been doing pretty well in the market so far. Today here at CES SanDisk is announcing a new entry-level member to its client SSD family, which is simply called the SSD Plus. Quite surprisingly, the SSD Plus isn't based on TLC NAND, but uses SanDisk's second generation 19nm MLC NAND instead, similar to the high-end Extreme Pro. SanDisk didn't really go into detail about the hardware itself, so at this point I'm not sure where the cost savings are coming from (perhaps it's just lower binned MLC). The controller remains a secret too, although given SanDisk's history I'm pretty confident that it's a Marvell silicon with SanDisk's in-house firmware. Availability...

SanDisk Ultra II (240GB) SSD Review

For nearly two years Samsung was the only manufacturer with an SSD that utilized TLC NAND. Most of the other manufacturers had talked about TLC SSDs in one way...

54 by Kristian Vättö on 9/16/2014

SanDisk Releases Ultra II SSD: Bringing More TLC NAND to the Market

It is a busy day in the client SSD space as earlier today AMD announced the company's first SSD, the R7, and now SanDisk is releasing the Ultra II...

22 by Kristian Vättö on 8/19/2014

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