GIGABYTE's server division has started sales of its first servers based on Cavium’s ThunderX2 processors with up to 32 cores. Being among the primary companies to begin selling machines powered by these CPUs, GIGABYTE offers a lineup of two servers designed for cloud and HPC applications. GIGABYTE’s family of ThunderX2 servers currently includes two machines: the 1U R181-T90 and the 2U R281-T91. Both servers are based on Cavium’s ThunderX2 CN9975 processor featuring 28 cores running at 2.0 GHz as well as GIGABYTE’s MT91-FS1 motherboard (offered with slightly different configurations). The manufacturer promises that it will release other versions of the ThunderX2 machines based on faster 28-core and 32-core processors shortly, but does not elaborate. The platform has 28 DIMM slots supporting up to 1536...

Assessing Cavium's ThunderX2: The Arm Server Dream Realized At Last

A little less than 2 years ago, we investigated the first Arm server SoC that had a chance to compete with midrange Xeon E5s: the Cavium ThunderX. The SoC...

98 by Johan De Gelas on 5/23/2018

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