Earlier this week Corsair took over Origin PC for an undisclosed sum, entering the league of boutique computer makers and significantly transforming itself as a company. As it usually happens in such cases, the acquisition brought a lot of questions about the future of both brands and today we have answers courtesy of Corsair’s reps. The acquisition of Origin PC substantially amplifies Corsair’s system business beyond its Vengeance and Corsair One systems, both in terms of new models as well as in terms of dollar sales. Being a private company, Corsair does not disclose its PC revenue, but the company confirmed in the past that its system business was a success in general. In a bid to increase sales of Origin PCs, Corsair intends to...

Pogo Linux: 1GHz for under $1000

A little known company called Pogo Linux gave us the opportunity to review a sub-$1000 1GHz PC. The catch? It comes loaded with RedHat Linux 7.0. ...

1 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 1/29/2001

3dfx Voodoo4 / Voodoo5 Comdex 99 Preview

3dfx made a huge revelation at this year's Fall Comdex, take a look at what they're planning next year's product line to be.

0 by Mike Andrawes on 11/19/1999

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