Today we are taking a look at the SteelSeries Apex M750, the highest-end mechanical keyboard that SteelSeries currently offers. The Apex M750 also sports the company's new QX2 mechanical switches, which we will also examine closely in this review.

SteelSeries Updates The Arctis Headphone Lineup And Offers Standalone GameDAC

Today SteelSeries is announcing a couple of updates to their headset lineup. The Actis lineup is getting a bit of a facelift, and the SteelSeries GameDAC, which previously was...

22 by Brett Howse on 8/28/2018

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gaming Headset Lineup: GameDAC Or Wireless

SteelSeries is a well-known manufacturer in the PC accessory space, and have been in the gaming headset market for some time. Today they are launching two new products at...

32 by Brett Howse on 3/13/2018

Capsule Review: SteelSeries Apex M500 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

SteelSeries is a well-known manufacturer of gaming peripherals. Despite that, until recently they offered only a handful of mechanical keyboards, and those were using proprietary switches. Today we are...

60 by E. Fylladitakis on 6/10/2016

SteelSeries CES: APEX M800 QS1 Mechanical Switch and Sentry Eye Tracker

SteelSeries is best known for their keyboards, with MSI using SteelSeries designed keyboards in their gaming laptops for quite a few years now. They have a variety of other...

9 by Jarred Walton on 1/14/2015

SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard Capsule Review

RGB variants of mechanical keyboards are very popular nowadays, but what about those users that want to stick with a classic membrane keyboard and gamers on a budget? SteelSeries'...

19 by E. Fylladitakis on 10/20/2014

Steelseries Sensei Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

SteelSeries is a manufacturer of gaming-related peripherals and hardware with a very large selection of products. Today, we have their most advanced (and expensive) mouse, the Sensei Wireless. Can...

83 by E. Fylladitakis on 5/1/2014

Capsule Gaming Headset Roundup: Entries from Logitech, SteelSeries, and Razer

People underspend on peripherals. There, I said it. Paying up for quality, be it a keyboard, a mouse, or a gaming headset, usually results in a measurably better experience...

25 by Dustin Sklavos on 8/30/2013

Capsule Keyboard Roundup: Entries from Logitech, SteelSeries, and Corsair

I recently had an extended chat with a product manager at Corsair over keyboards. Their Vengeance K-series mechanical keyboards have apparently been selling well, and that's understandable; they're attractive...

46 by Dustin Sklavos on 8/2/2013

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