With the public announcement of the Exynos 9810 having finally taken place, Samsung engineers are now free to release information on the new M3 CPU microarchitecture. We have a first look into the new microarchitecture and what kind of improvements we should expect from Samsung’s new flagship SoC.

Samsung Announces 860 PRO And 860 EVO SATA SSDs

After more than three years of ruling the consumer SATA SSD market, the Samsung 850 series is being replaced. The 850 PRO and 850 EVO that first brought 3D...

12 by Billy Tallis 14 hours ago

The Samsung 860 PRO (512GB And 4TB) SSD Review: Replacing A Legend

The Samsung 850 PRO has been the top SATA SSD for years. Samsung is now replacing it with an updated premium SATA SSD, one that promises to be the...

25 by Billy Tallis 14 hours ago

Samsung Starts Mass Production of 16Gb GDDR6 Memory ICs with 18 Gbps I/O Speed

This week, Samsung has announced that it has started mass production of its GDDR6 memory chips for next-generation graphics cards and other applications. The new chips will be available...

27 by Anton Shilov 5 days ago

Samsung Starts Production of HBM2 “Aquabolt” Memory: 8 GB, 2.4 Gbps

Samsung this week announced that it had started mass production of its second-generation HBM2 memory code-named “Aquabolt”. The new memory devices have 8 GB capacity and operate at 2.4...

16 by Anton Shilov on 1/11/2018

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin 13.3-inch Convertible Gets Quad-Core i5 & SSD, Loses Weight

LAS VEGAS, NV — Samsung has announced its new-generation Notebook 7 Spin 13.3” convertible that will shortly be available in the U.S. The new model is more powerful and...

1 by Anton Shilov on 1/8/2018

Samsung Announces New 9810 SoC: DynamiQ & 3rd Gen CPU

After teasing the Exynos 9810 in CES related press material back in early November as well as having early announcement about the new modem capabilities last summer we now...

43 by Brett Howse & Andrei Frumusanu on 1/3/2018

Samsung Starts Production of 8 Gb DDR4-3600 ICs Using 2nd Gen 10nm-Class Tech

Samsung late on Wednesday said that it had initiated mass production of DDR4 memory chips using its second generation '10 nm-class' fabrication process. The new manufacturing technology shrinks die...

24 by Anton Shilov on 12/20/2017

Samsung Announces New Notebook 9 Pen and Three New Notebook 9 (2018) Laptops

Just in time for, or before CES 2018, Samsung unveiled three new laptops in their Notebook 9 family, starting with the Notebook 9 Pen. The Pen is a 13.3-inch...

19 by Joe Shields on 12/15/2017

Samsung Starts Production of 512 GB UFS NAND Flash Memory: 64-Layer V-NAND, 860 MB/s Reads

Samsung on Tuesday announced that it had initiated volume production of UFS NAND flash memory chips with 512 GB capacity based on its latest 64-layer 512 Gb V-NAND. The...

11 by Anton Shilov on 12/5/2017

The Samsung PM981 SSD Review (512GB, 1TB): Next Generation Controller And 3D NAND

The Samsung PM981 is an OEM SSD featuring a newer generation of controller and flash than the current retail 960 EVO, resulting in improved performance and hopefully lower prices...

53 by Billy Tallis on 11/30/2017

Samsung’s Reveals Li-Ion Battery with Graphene Balls: Higher Capacity, Faster Charging

Samsung on Tuesday announced that it had developed a way to improve Lithium-Ion batteries with its new material called graphene balls. The company says that batteries featuring the new...

45 by Anton Shilov on 11/29/2017

Samsung Starts Mass Production of Chips Using 10nm Low Power Plus (10LPP) Process Tech

Samsung Foundry on Wednesday revealed that it has started mass production of SoC products using its second generation 10 nm Low Power Plus (10LPP) fabrication technology. The new manufacturing...

10 by Anton Shilov on 11/29/2017

The Samsung SSD 850 120GB Review: A Little TLC for SATA

The latest entry level SSD from Samsung has no suffix and bears neither the PRO or EVO appellation. It is a new entry-level SATA SSD featuring Samsung's latest 64-layer...

31 by Billy Tallis on 11/27/2017

Samsung Pre-Announces 16 Gbps GDDR6 Chips for Next-Gen Graphics Cards

In a surprisingly early revelation, Samsung has confirmed their plans to produce GDDR6 memory. The announcement was made as a part of Samsung’s pre-CES marketing campaign and does not...

21 by Anton Shilov on 11/14/2017

Samsung Offers Free DeX Station or Gear VR with Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note8

Samsung has kicked off a new promotional campaign that bundles either of the company's two major smartphone peripherals – the DeX station or the Gear VR headset – with...

21 by Anton Shilov on 11/8/2017

Samsung’s 8LPP Process Technology Qualified, Ready for Production

Samsung this week announced that its 8LPP fabrication process, which it formally introduced earlier this year, had passed qualification tests. The manufacturing technology will be used to produce advanced...

35 by Anton Shilov on 10/19/2017

Samsung Details 11LPP Process Technology: 10 nm BEOL Meets 14 nm Elements

Samsung has added a new manufacturing technology into its roadmap. The 11LPP fabrication process is designed for mainstream and higher-end smartphone SoCs. The technology will come online next year...

23 by Anton Shilov on 9/29/2017

IFA 2017: Samsung Press Event Live Blog

We're here for Samsung!

11 by Ian Cutress on 8/30/2017

Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Note8: Think Big

At the aptly named Unpacked event, this morning Samsung is taking the wraps off of their next generation phablet, the Galaxy Note8. A staple of summer handset launches, the...

100 by Ryan Smith on 8/23/2017

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