Modern enthusiasts often want one of two things from their monitor: high frame rates, or great color reproduction. MSI is certainly going for the latter in its new 5Kx2K display, the PS341WU. This is a 5120x2160 21:9 monitor that offers 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut with a DeltaE of under 3, and comes with HDR600 certification. The display also has an AdobeRGB mode (92-93%), and an sRGB mode. The unit has a nanoIPS display, supporting 4-way picture-by-picture. The look of this monitor is great. I had some time for hands on, and the fact that it is like a standard 4K monitor but with 33% extra room on the side really gels well with what would be my normal workflow. MSI said that...

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