Using a TV-sized display as a monitor always seemed like a fanciful idea. Until one day it wasn't. Thanks to the increasing commoditization of LCD panels and the continual downward pressure that has put on monitor prices, demand for large format monitors has been growing just as fast as monitors themselves. And while these kinds of large monitors are still far from ubiquitous, they've become an increasingly common sight in the monitor market. Besides making them more accepted in general, one of the benefits of the normalization of large format monitors is that it's enticed more manufacturers to enter the field. And now, Iiyama, a respected display maker, has become the latest vendor to jump into the market, introducing their own 42.5-inch monitor for work...

Iiyama’s ProLite XB2779QQS: a 27-inch 5K IPS Monitor for $900

Iiyama has started selling its new 5K IPS monitor. The ProLite XB2779QQS boasts with a 5120x2880 resolution and is available at a price point of around $900. The catch...

24 by Anton Shilov on 3/26/2018

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