Pentium Silver

A maker of embedded systems has published details regarding pricing of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise licenses in Q4 2017 and has also disclosed the model numbers of Intel’s upcoming Gemini Lake SoCs. As it appears, Intel is likely to be readying at least six processors, for desktops and laptops, that will be sold under the Celeron and the Pentium Silver trademarks. According to the table published by Quarta Technologies, a Russian based IoT provider, Intel is set to offer the J5005 and N5000 SKUs for desktops and mobiles (respectively) under the Pentium Silver brand, as well as the Celeron J4005, J4105, N4000 and N4100 models. As with the previous generation Apollo Lake lineup, the list of Gemini Lake shows six SoCs in total: three chips...

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