Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup has been a design win for the company for several years now. The Surface Go was launched in July of 2018 as a lower-cost version of the Surface Pro, offering buyers a less expensive way to become a Surface customer, and by the nature of its smaller size compared to the Surface Pro, an even more portable convertible Surface tablet. When the device was initially announced, a model with LTE connectivity was also in the works, and the Surface Go LTE arrived in November 2018.

This is the Windows 8 Tablet & PC Interface

Here's a quick look at the new start screen for Windows 8 running on a Dell XPS Development Tablet. The tablet supports both touch and external keyboard interfaces. The...

36 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/1/2011

Windows 8 on AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm & TI: Let the Race Begin

I'm in the audience of Microsoft's Partner Preview for Computex 2011, basically an event to give a sneak peak of the future of Windows to press and MS partners...

32 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/1/2011

Windows Thin PC: Windows, Slimmed Down

Last month, Microsoft released a Community Technology Preview (CTP, in essence a public beta) of something called Windows Thin PC. This business-oriented operating system’s given purpose is both to...

47 by Andrew Cunningham on 4/28/2011

Nokia and Microsoft Announce Strategic Partnership

Today Nokia and Microsoft have announced partnership that will collectively leverage Microsoft and Nokia's strengths and resources. Although the fruit of this long-term partnership will primarily affect Windows Phone...

66 by Mithun Chandrasekhar on 2/11/2011

CES 2011: Microsoft Keynote

When Microsoft wrapped up its CES keynote on Wednesday night, they added fuel to a news-packed couple of days leading up to the start of CES. The software giant...

9 by Vivek Gowri & Ganesh T S on 1/10/2011

Microsoft Kinect: The AnandTech Review

For better or worse, new user interfaces are all the rage right now in the console gaming scene. Nintendo was first to the block in 2006 with 3D motion-controlled...

73 by Brian Klug on 12/9/2010

The Windows Phone 7 Review

It took Microsoft a long time, but it’s finally here - Windows Phone 7 (now sans the ‘Series’). It’s the software giant’s spiritual successor to Windows Mobile, its answer...

125 by Anand Lal Shimpi & Brian Klug on 10/20/2010

Microsoft's KIN: A Eulogy

After being on the market a short six weeks, Microsoft announced that it was scrapping the launch of KIN devices in European markets, and with it, further development of...

59 by Brian Klug on 7/13/2010

New Xbox 360 Slim Does Have an IR Receiver

I've gotten this question a few times already so I thought I'd just answer it once publicly. The new Xbox 360 Slim we tore down yesterday does in fact...

16 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/18/2010

Welcome to Valhalla: Inside the New 250GB Xbox 360 Slim

Five years ago we dissected the original Xbox 360. Today we're back with the new, slim Xbox 360 and have put together a similar guide to disassembling the console...

109 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/18/2010

The Xbox 360 Slim (Valhalla): Dissection Galleries Up

Today UPS dropped off my Xbox 360 Slim (codename Valhalla) and I did exactly what you'd expect me to: run power numbers on it and take the whole thing...

28 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/17/2010

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