LiqTech TR4

Enermax on Thursday introduced its new family of closed-loop liquid coolers designed specifically for AMD’s new Ryzen Threadripper CPUs. The new custom-made LiqTech TR4 AIO LCS feature waterblocks cover 100% of the CPU IHS (integrated heat spreader), a notable improvement over preexisting designs, which designed for smaller chips only partly cover TR4 chips. High-end air and liquid coolers these days can dissipate huge amounts of heat that exceed TDP of even the most powerful CPUs, such as AMD’s Threadripper or Intel’s Core i7/i9. Manufacturers of coolers are eager to equip their devices with mounting brackets to make them compatible with the new 4094-pin TR4 and 2066-pin R4 sockets as well as the new microprocessors. However, since the coolers were not designed for the large TR4...

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