IronWolf Pro

Seagate is introducing new flagships in their IronWolf lineup today on two fronts - the SMB/SME-focused IronWolf Pro, and the SATA SSDs line. On the HDD front, we have 18TB hard drives based on conventional magnetic recording (CMR) technology, while the SATA SSD line sees two new SKU sets - the IronWolf 125 and the IronWolf Pro 125 (joining the current IronWolf 110 and the NVMe-based IronWolf 510). Given the premium nature of the 18TB capacity point, Seagate is launching the capacity only in the IronWolf Pro line (the vanilla IronWolf models top out at 16TB). The ST18000NE000 18TB Pro model is compatible with NAS units of up to 24 bays, and has a workload rating of 300TB/yr. It is a 7200 rpm 9-platter helium-filled...

Seagate Announces Helium-based 16 TB Exos and IronWolf Hard Drives

Seagate is launching their 16 TB CMR (conventional magnetic recording) helium drives today under two product lines - the Exos X for datacenter usage, and the IronWolf / IronWolf...

37 by Ganesh T S on 6/4/2019

Seagate Unveils 14 TB Consumer HDDs: BarraCuda Pro, SkyHawk, IronWolf, & IronWolf Pro

Seagate on Monday introduced a portfolio of consumer-oriented 14 TB hard drives. The new HDDs belong to the BarraCuda Pro, SkyHawk, IronWolf Pro, and IronWolf series, and rely on...

10 by Anton Shilov on 9/11/2018

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