We usually don't cover televisions in detail here at AnandTech. However, the current flux in the market when it comes to 4K displays for HTPCs made CES 2016 an interesting destination for us to look at what vendors will be offering in the near future. Consumers looking for the best possible picture quality and not concerned about the price have a number of models to choose from in the Smasung SUHDTV series and the Sony XBR series TVs. Vizio and Hisense 4K TVs are perfect for those on a tight budget. However, a limited budget also means that one can't afford to be an early adopter and be stuck with an outdated television early on. In June 2014, we covered the launch of the Hisense...

Checking Their Pulse: Hisense's Google TV Box at CES

So, Google TV is still happening. Indeed, more players are getting into the game than ever. Hisense is a Chinese OEM/ODM that's seen steady growth in the television market...

10 by Jason Inofuentes on 1/14/2013

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