In the wake of Meltdown and Spectre essentially every major industry player has issued a security statement, and NVIDIA is no exception, especially as a hardware vendor. Their initial security bulletin last week disclosed that while their GPU hardware was thought to be “immune,” security updates to GPU drivers and affected ARM SoCs were forthcoming. Along with the standard updates and bugfixes, 390.65 brings some of those mitigations to the GPU display driver side. Strictly-speaking, 390.65 brings a security update with mitigations for a variant of Spectre (CVE-2017-5753), and is applicable to GeForce, Quadro, and NVS products. NVIDIA did note that their GPU display driver is potentially susceptible to the second Spectre variant (CVE-2017-5715), and are working on a related future update. The reason for...


In an effort to be one of the first GeForce cards on the market, ASUS has used the NVIDIA reference design to produce an SDR GeForce card. What does...

0 by Matthew Witheiler on 1/19/2000

Gigabyte GA-660 Plus TNT2-Pro

Being one of the few TNT-Pro cards on the market, Gigabyte makes a good impression on a growing market. Their customary dual cooling system helps to keep temperatures low...

0 by Matthew Witheiler on 1/15/2000


With a design that is out of the ordinary, ELSA has produced an NLX form factor GeForce card. Did they succeed in their task of bringing high performance gaming...

0 by Matthew Witheiler on 1/12/2000

3dfx Velocity 100

0 by Mike Andrawes on 10/29/1999

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