During this week, both GDC (the Game Developers’ Conference) and GTC (the Game Technology Conference) are happing in California, and NVIDIA is out in force. The company's marquee gaming-related announcement today is that, as many have been expecting would happen, NVIDIA is bringing DirectX 12 DXR raytracing support to the company's GeForce 10 series and GeForce 16 series cards.

AMD & NVIDIA Post GDC 2017 Event Details, Both Holding Events February 28th

Though it feels like we’re barely past CES, things are already quickly ramping up in the PC hardware industry once again. Kicking off in a bit under two weeks...

36 by Ryan Smith on 2/16/2017

Sony to Start Selling PlayStation VR in October for $399

Sony has published the price of its PlayStation VR virtual reality headset and confirmed its final specifications and launch timeframe on Tuesday. The company intends to start selling the...

27 by Anton Shilov on 3/16/2016

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