Rage came out a little over a week ago, and in the aftermath we’ve discovered some interesting pieces of information. We thought we’d chime in with some thoughts on the game itself, a look at various image quality settings, and a discussion of benchmarks with the title and why they’re virtually meaningless. We had high hopes earlier this year that Rage would be part of our new benchmark suite, and it’s the first A-list OpenGL title to come out in quite some time. However, unless something changes, it looks like we might have to return to games like Wolfenstein if we want to have an OpenGL benchmark. Read on for our thoughts on the game as well as the technology and performance.

What I Want from Mass Effect 3

Action RPG? RPG Action? Mass Effect 2 streamlines the original into something that's both great, yet with less substance than the original. click to enlarge

5 by Loyd Case on 4/14/2010

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