Today LG is announcing the LG G2, there’s no Optimus this time, it’s just the LG G2. The G2 is the successor to the Optimus G, the phone that also became the Nexus 4, and makes a number of improvements above and beyond the Optimus G. The G2 is the flagship product that LG is putting all of its resources behind, and takes the flagship throne from the G Pro. The G2 makes a number of interesting hardware changes in the shape, size, and button area compared to the competition. Rather than having side-mounted power and volume buttons, to minimize edge bezel, LG has moved them to the back of the device just below the camera module. The volume rocker is one solid piece with...

The T-Mobile G2 Preview

T-Mobile’s G2, the long awaited successor to the G1, is finally here. This is a pretty big launch for T-Mobile, probably the biggest since the original G1. The G2...

60 by Vivek Gowri on 10/7/2010

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