Exynos 990

The year is 2020. The 20’s are back (we’ll see if they’ll be roaring or not), and not only is it a new decade, but it’s also time for a new enumeration scheme for Samsung’s newest Galaxy S devices; Today Samsung is announcing the new Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra flagship phones. The new phones have some similarities in the external design to last year’s S10 line-up and a clearly a successor – but in terms of specifications and hardware capabilities, it’s one of Samsung’s largest ever updates.

Samsung Announces Exynos 990: 7nm EUV, M5, G77, LPDDR5 Flagship SoC alongside Exynos 5123 5G Modem

Today Samsung unexpectedly announced the brand new Exynos 990 chipset – likely to be Samsung’s flagship SoC for 2020, employing the newest IP and offering the newest features on...

52 by Andrei Frumusanu on 10/23/2019

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