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Razer has introduced a new enclosure for external graphics cards. The new Core X Chroma Thunderbolt 3 enclosure is compatible with bulky graphics cards, integrates a high-wattage power supply, and comes with additional USB 3.0 Type-A as well as GbE ports. The new unit also has programmable RGB lighting.

Sapphire’s GearBox Thunderbolt 3 eGFX Box w/ 500W PSU Now Available

Sapphire has started sales of its external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure for video cards. The GearBox TB3 eGFX box can accommodate a high-end graphics card and also offers additional USB...

16 by Anton Shilov on 12/6/2018

Razer Launches Core X TB3 eGFX Enclosure: Cost-Down Version Complements Core v2

Razer launched the Core v2 eGFX enclosure in Q4 2017. It came with a unique industrial design and dual Thunderbolt 3 controllers that justified its price premium over other...

34 by Ganesh T S on 5/22/2018

Lenovo Reveals New TB3 Powered Graphics Dock at CES 2018: GTX 1050, 90 Hz WMR

Lenovo’s new Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock was created to connect to a thin and light Ultrabook, like its IdeaPad 720s. The NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 4GB MXM GPU inside...

10 by Joe Shields on 1/10/2018

Razer Launches Core v2 TB3 eGFX Enclosure: Dual TB3 Controllers

Razer has launched a new version of its Thunderbolt 3 external graphics enclosure for video cards, the Core v2. The new Core v2 chassis uses dual Thunderbolt 3 controllers...

20 by Anton Shilov on 10/31/2017

ZOTAC Readies External GPU Enclosure: TB3, 400 W PSU, Due in Q2 2017

ZOTAC plans to demonstrate a prototype of its external GPU enclosure at CES this week. The eGFX chassis from ZOTAC will target notebooks, AIO and SFF PCs with Thunderbolt...

16 by Anton Shilov on 1/4/2017

ASUS ROG XG Station 2 eGFX Enclosure with Thunderbolt 3 Launched

ASUS last week finally launched theROG XG Station 2 external GPU chassis, to enable Thunderbolt 3 systems to implement discrete graphics. The eGFX enclosure from ASUS integrates a 600...

27 by Anton Shilov on 12/20/2016

AKiTiO Introduces Node: Thunderbolt 3 eGFX Box for $299

Over the past week AKiTiO has formally introduced its new external graphics enclosure using a Thunderbolt 3 connection. As with other external graphics enclosures, the AKiTiO Node allows a...

56 by Anton Shilov on 11/14/2016

PowerColor Announces Devil Box: Thunderbolt 3 eGFX Enclosure

PowerColor has introduced its first enclosure for external graphics cards, the Devil Box. The accessory enables gamers to connect desktop video cards to AIO, SFF or laptop PCs using...

43 by Anton Shilov on 10/24/2016

MSI Announces GS30 Shadow Laptop and GPU Expansion Dock

One of the very interesting looking laptops from MSI is their upcoming GS30, which carries on the thin and light theme of the GS series but extends that down...

41 by Jarred Walton on 1/4/2015

Sony Updates Vaio Z: Light Peak and An External GPU

Sony has announced an updated Vaio Z lineup today. Vaio Z is Sony’s premium 13” laptop series which essentially packs performance of a 15” laptop into a smaller form...

99 by Kristian Vättö on 6/28/2011

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