Patriot this week unveiled two new DDR4 kits rated to run at DDR4-3733. The dual-channel kits are designed for Intel’s latest platforms and belong to Patriot’s Viper Elite and Viper 4 families. The new DDR4-3733 memory modules will be the fastest in Patriot’s lineup. Patriot’s new Viper Elite and Viper 4 dual-channel memory kits are rated to run at 3733 MT/s with CL17 19-19-39 timings at 1.35 V. The sets consist of two 8 GB modules, which use modern 8 Gb memory ICs (integrated circuits) from an undisclosed manufacturer. The new modules are designed for Intel’s 100-series platforms and come with XMP 2.0 profiles to make it easier for end-users to run them at their rated specifications with the right timings and voltage. Specifications of Patriot's...

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