Custom liquid cooling systems are built by hardcore enthusiasts who want to get absolutely no-compromise style and performance. Meanwhile, one of the trendiest features for enthusiasts introduced in the recent years, addressable and customizable RGB lighting, has so far only been supported by factory-built all-in-one liquid coolers. This week EKWB changed this by introducing its EK-Velocity, its first CPU water blocks with RGB LEDs. EKWB’s EK-Velocity D-RGB CPU water blocks feature the company’s brand-new internal design that relies on a nickel-plated electrolytic copper cold plate covered with black acetal or transparent plexiglass. Besides, the water blocks use a reinforced mounting bracket with smaller screws for additional style. The EK-Velocity D-RGB are outfitted with 24 LEDs that can be programmed using software from leading motherboard makers (ASUS...

AMD Athlon

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Intel 810 Chipset

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SSE vs 3DNow

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VIA MVP4 Chipset

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