Seasonic demonstrated its upcoming Prime 700 W Titanium Fanless power supply at Computex. The PSU carries an 80Plus Titanium badge and will enable PC makers or enthusiasts to build whisper quite systems that still require lot of power. Seasonic’s Prime 700 W Titanium Fanless is a fully modular PSU compliant with ATX 2.4 as well as EPS (presumably v2.92) specifications, and equipped with two 4+4 CPU power connectors for 2P as well as HEDT motherboards. The power supply features high-quality aluminum capacitors, large heatsinks to cool down inductors as well as other components and supports Seasonic technologies such as MTLR (micro tolerance load regulation), and super low ripple noise (20 mV). When it comes to connectivity, the Prime 700 W Titanium Fanless has everything needed for...

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