Today we are taking a look at a fresh face in the PSU market, 1STPlayer and their Steampunk PSU series. The Steampunk 80+ Gold 750W that we are reviewing today looks similar to many PSUs in the market, with the exception that it comes from an OEM that we have never encountered before, injecting some new and exciting competition into a market normally dominated by a handful of manufacturers.

Spotswood Custom Computer Cases

Many users are more than happy using your standard computer cases - after all, it's easy to find everything from small SFF and mATX cases up through full-tower sizes...

38 by Derek Wilson on 8/27/2008

Silverstone ST45NF Nightjar

Silverstone aims for silence with the ST45NF, and removing the fan will certainly achieve that goal. Can they also manage to provide clean and stable power? Find out as...

20 by Christoph Katzer on 8/25/2008

FSP Epsilon 80Plus 600W

One of the largest PSU ODMs in the business sent us their latest offering. You may not be familiar with FSP Group; the question is, are you missing out?

20 by Christoph Katzer on 8/5/2008

Cooler Master UCP 900W

Cooler Master looks to set new standards in power supply quality with their Ultimate Circuit Protection (UCP) power supplies, boasting 80Plus Silver certification and a 5-year warranty.

33 by Christoph Katzer on 7/29/2008

Power Supply Summer Buyer's Guide

There's a big difference between a power supply that runs your system "okay" and a high-quality unit that provides higher efficiency, lower noise, and more stable output. We have...

37 by Christoph Katzer on 7/21/2008

Kingwin RVT-9225: Budget priced cooling results in budget performance

Kingwin's low-end Revolution cooler takes a spin in our test bed, as we compare its performance with coolers that can cost three times as much. Unfortunately, sometimes you get...

35 by Matt Campbell on 7/16/2008

Silverstone Zeus 1200W: Designed for the Power Hungry

Silverstone sent us their highest output PSU for testing. Capable of delivering up to 1200W, this is a unit for extreme users and systems.

20 by Christoph Katzer on 7/7/2008

Zalman ZM850-HP and ZM1000-HP

Zalman targets high performance users with large cases that are looking for less noise with their latest PSUs. How you plan to make a quiet system and still require...

22 by Christoph Katzer on 6/27/2008

Lian Li PC-V2110

Sometimes, you need quality - price be damned - and it seems Lian Li's V2110 may be able to satisfy our desires. "Once you go black...."

24 by Rajinder Gill on 6/10/2008

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 500W

We take the PCP&C 500W Silencer for a test drive; the ride is nice, but engine noise may be a bit of a problem...

22 by Christoph Katzer on 6/9/2008

Exclusive: Antec Signature 850W

Antec just launched their new Signature series of power supplies, designed to provide a top-quality experience. Does it succeed or does this signature besmirch their name?

23 by Christoph Katzer on 5/7/2008

Corsair HX1000W

It took longer than expected, but Corsair now joins the crowd of companies offering kilowatt power supplies. We put their latest offering through our tests to see if it...

17 by Christoph Katzer on 4/29/2008

Silverstone Decathlon DA700 Super Silent Power Supply

Silverstone is competing for the crown of super silent power supplies and this 700 watts unit has a good chance to win the race.

20 by Christoph Katzer on 4/22/2008

Xigmatek NRP-HC1001 and NRP-HC1201 Power Supplies

Xigmatek brings out their high-end power supplies rated at 1000W and 1200W for testing.

20 by Christoph Katzer on 4/13/2008

OCZ EliteXStream 800W and 1000W

OCZ launches their newest "XStream" power supply brand, and we've got the 800W and 1000W models for testing.

10 by Christoph Katzer on 4/7/2008

Amacrox Calmer 560: Silence is Golden

Some users want a powerful system; for others silence is the goal. It can be difficult to balance these competing objectives, but this fanless PSU from Amacrox looks to...

13 by Christoph Katzer on 4/2/2008

Enermax Launches the Pro82+ and Modu82+

At CES 2008, we caught our first glimpse of Enermax's two new PSU series. We've been anxiously awaiting the chance to test them for a couple months now, and...

17 by Christoph Katzer on 3/25/2008

Noctua NH-U12P: Top Performance AND Silence

Noctua launches fan refinements to improve overclocking performance without compromising quiet. Does the new cooler perform as well as Noctua claims?

51 by Wesley Fink on 3/20/2008

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