Augmented Reality

“The chosen one you are, with great promise I see.” Now that Disney owns the Star Wars franchise, the expansion of the universe is seemingly never ending. More films, more toys, and now more technology. We’re still a few years away from getting our own lightsabers [citation needed], but until then Disney has partnered with Lenovo to design a Star Wars experience using smartphones and augmented reality. Lenovo is creating the hardware: a light beacon, a tracking sensor, a lightsaber controller, and the augmented reality headset designed for smartphones. The approach for Lenovo’s AR is different to how Samsung and others are approaching smartphone VR, or how Microsoft is implementing Hololens: by implementing a pre-approved smartphone into the headset, the hardware uses a four-inch diagonal...

Google I/O 2017: New AR/VR Experiences

Today at its annual developer conference, Google made several announcements about what augmented and virtual reality projects it and its partners have been working on. Google just launched its...

6 by Matt Humrick on 5/17/2017

Intel Announces Project Alloy: Untethered Augmented Reality in a VR Headset with RealSense

During the Keynote today at IDF, Intel showed off the next play into the Virtual Reality design space. In an interesting twist, their new Project Alloy headset was demonstrated...

20 by Ian Cutress on 8/16/2016

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