Apple A14

Today Apple is holding its second fall 2020 launch event - only a few weeks after the traditional September launch which saw the unveiling of the a new Apple Watch, and a new line of iPads, including the new iPad Air which sports the new 5nm Apple A14 SoC. What was missing from the September event was any new announcements of new iPhones - which this year seem to have slightly slipped in terms of timing. Today's event should cover the new iPhones, and if industry reports are accurate, we actually should be seeing quite a slew of new devices in the form of two "regular" iPhones and two Pro models, for a total of four devices. It should demark the first time in 3...

Apple Announces 5nm A14 SoC - Meagre Upgrades, Or Just Less Power Hungry?

Amongst the new iPad and Watch devices released today, Apple made news in releasing the new A14 SoC chip. Apple’s newest generation silicon design is noteworthy in that is...

127 by Andrei Frumusanu on 9/15/2020

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